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Women who like to spank men I Wanting Man

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Women who like to spank men

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So put dreary day fun in the subject when responding The only requirement is be clean ddd free and no boys in their early 20's sorry but I mature experienced men. I'll even let you me let you give me a test to prove im not a bad person.

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Spanking him spontaneously during sex, or putting him over your knee because he's been a "bad boy" type of spanking? Not to leave the boys out, how many of you enjoy when your women spank you, and what is your preferred method? When I get into kissing or sexual activities my rimming im a curvy girl seem to gravitate towards the guys arse and I tend to grab, squeeze and spank depending on how I feel.

I would quite women who like to spank men to spank a guy more I guess if I was feeling more dom at the time. Yes, I like to spank when I'm feeling domme. At least that's when I fantasize about it the. Not been much on the receiving end.

If so, what type of spanking do you enjoy? Spanking him spontaneously during sex, or putting him over your knee because he's been a "bad boy" type of. Most Recent Women Spanking Men Public Videos - - Free Spanking Videos and Free Bondage I don't like it when you tell me what to do. Aug 16, Explore redrum's board "women who spank", followed by See more ideas about Mistress, Back door man and Dominatrix. Lesbian Love, Submissive, Female Supremacy, Powerful Women, Toys For Girls, Strong.

It's mostly remained as part of fantasy land for me. He will occasionally slap but not. I wouldn't want him to spank me. I hate pain, and I'm not into any type of humiliating activities. Ahh, I see. I can empathize - I'm not into pain.

I want to spank your bare bottom. I want to tie you up. I want to thoroughly inspect and penetrate your tight little bottom hole. I want you to dress up in school. From Book 1: Women who spank men - and there are plenty of them around - are . is shocked when he discovers that his cousin Dana not only likes his work. Yes, there are women who like to spank men, just like there are men who like to spank women. This.

I like the idea of spanking for naughtiness more than the pain associated with it. Just a slap to startle, and I'd go as gentle as they wanted. It's not so much for humiliation on my end. It's just that I find the idea very taboo and naughty, but it's more like a game.

It's not as if we're serious about it. It's a play punishment, nen when you're a little girl women who like to spank men playing make believe and spanking a doll Wyo used to spank my dolls, lol.

My husband isn't outdoor milf in gladstone mo receptive. I've slapped his ass once or twice in the heat of the moment, but he's not into anything too kinky, and he'd never let me put him over my knee.

I think we just have fo different tastes.

I've never fantasized about any of that stuff. I guess the whole "naughty" thing isn't for me. I prefer my sex more on the romantic.

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I like romantic as well, women who like to spank men I have a bit of a naughty streak that tends to come out at times. Haha okay well I am not quite sure why "worried19" even bothered commenting on this thread, since they clearly aren't into SM at all and thus aren't going massage ocean park santa monica have much of anything positive to say here But I am into it: So let me answer for you!

I'm almost always the sub with my current partner, but I've spanked him a handful of times and really enjoyed the change in dynamic when it happens. Putting over knee is best - really exposed and vulnerable.

I haven't done it spontaneously during sex really, because the only times I have done it have been when Women who like to spank men consciously make the decision to try and act as the more dom one which is admittedly very rare I love to submit to him and the dom role doesn't come as naturally to me.

I Am Want Man Women who like to spank men

OP was asking if we enjoyed it. I don't, so I said so. I didn't mean to kill the thread, it was just my honest answer. My husband is like you - very vanilla!

I don't spank him because he wouldn't enjoy it. I do still fantasize about it. Women who like to spank men for your reply! Yes, I'd love to do over the knee, to see him exposed and vulnerable like. I have a feeling it's out of bounds womrn him, but a girl can dream.

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I think I fit more naturally into the domme role, but I have my sub moments. My husband isn't terribly interested in it though, so it's remained largely unexplored. Aw, well, have you explicitly asked him about it and he's said no?

Maybe try to work up to it - do the playful llike to start, not hard and not with serious intent, and see if you can work up slowly and maybe eventually get to over-the-knee? Even though I'm not very dom at women who like to spank men, his visitor seeks boating buddy makes me get into it!

I've smacked him playfully and he doesn't seem to mind that, but as for the rest, it would be a non-starter. I've asked him to do things that spanm much more tame, and they've been rejected. Dirty talk and bondage are also sadly out of the question. He does indulge a few of my kinks, so I'm not wholly unsatisfied, but I can't get him to budge on most of the. I'm sorry to hear that: I'm at women who like to spank men place in my personal development that I can't imagine being in a serious relationship that doesn't comprise some bdsm kinks.

I Am Want Adult Dating Women who like to spank men

What are the things women who like to spank men will indulge you on? Do you think it is more so discomfort or just general lack of interest on his part as to why he won't try the others?

I don't suppose mine are so strong that I can't live without. But it would make sex more exciting to mix it up a little. My husband does indulge my panty fetish. I know he doesn't really understand it, but I need some ritualized panty play most of the times we have sex, and he's very good about woman seeking casual sex East Falmouth. Aside from that, he's quite accommodating about positions!

If I want to be fucked all over the room and on the floor, he'll do. The rest of it, risque public fantasies, pegging, fingering on himspanking and bondage both ways are not really up for grabs. He just doesn't seem to have any natural interest in that area. No public sex either?! I don't know - I get that some people don't have those natural desires as intrinsically ingrained in them as others do, or maybe don't really even have them at all, but this is your life partner!

I imagine he really cares about your happiness and pleasure, and sometimes in relationships you women who like to spank men compromise a bit. I'm sure there are things you've tried for him even if out of the bed, non sexually that you were "meh" on but did because he really wanted to.

Perhaps you could frame it like this to him: Ahh, I've tried! Public sex is an absolute no.

It's not like I was suggesting we do it in the middle of the grocery store, but even a deserted area is a non-starter. He's very proper, and much less reckless than I am.

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We've been together 12 years, and neither of us had much experience. Our first relationships were quite vanilla. It's just that I've grown more curious over the years, and he has remained much the.

He doesn't request anything sexually from me I wish he would! It's not like he's never done anything new, but it's bits and pieces. He's also lower libido to my spak libido, so I'm pleased with what I can get when I can get it.

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I'm not complaining too. Goodness knows, the man fucks like a beast when I do manage to get him in the bedroom. I'm never left unsatisfied, and it's not to the point where I'd even think about looking. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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