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Furthermore, overpopulation, scarce resources and facilities, socio-economic factors, and very slowly changing attitudes, are also adding to the gravity of the situation [ 17 ]. Hence, low sex in rahim yar khan may influence the rate of consanguinity through a number of interacting factors. Consanguinity has been shown to be associated with the economic status of individuals [ 7 ].

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In the present study, the economic status of subjects was not accessed a good first message for online dating first hand.

However, occupational status of husbands could be an indirect indicator of economic status of the subjects. Meet beautiful russian women individuals with such professions are usually low paid, have illiteracy or dating okinawa educational levels, and belong to rural areas.

These categories generally comprised the subjects who were literate and economically better off than the former categories. However, in the multivariate regression model, profession of the husband was not a significant predictor of CU. Reciprocal marriages are two exchanged marital unions which are also arranged by parents, and are preferentially between close relatives.

In a traditional rural setup, reciprocal marriages have several potential advantages like the maintenance sex in rahim yar khan family structure, wealth and property, financial benefits related to the dowry, and the ease of marital arrangements [ 56 ].

Such unions may also allow wide differences sex in rahim yar khan the ages of spouses. There were 34 1. Such marriages had been relatively infrequent but are increasing with time [ 18 ]. In many of the rural areas of Pakistan, the common household type is extended family where CU are expected to be customary.

The current study, however, showed that high consanguinity was associated with nuclear family structure. Nuclear family was also the most prominent household type in our sample. It is quite likely that in RYK, the married couple is sex in rahim yar khan to start a new household and the parents tend to stay separate. On the other hand, in upper Punjab of Pakistan, due to economic and traditional reasons, the married couple continues to stay with the parents of husband in the same dwelling and it leads to extended family.

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The extended family structure is declining primarily due to economic transition and urbanization [ 4 ]. Multivariate analyses revealed that household type was not significantly associated with CU.

The IC-F in the parental generation was observed to be 0. This phenomenon depicted a traditional and cultural influence of previous marriage type on the commencement of subject marriage. A number of studies have shown a positive association between consanguinity and live births.

The results of a meta-analysis of 30 studies conducted in Asian and African countries sex in rahim yar khan a higher mean number of children born in all categories of CU when compared with non-consanguineous couples [ 1 ]. Khzn current study also reiterates this phenomenon and finds a significantly higher number of live births in the CU sample.

Besides small sample size for fertility estimations, there are several explanations for this trend; for example, owing to the lonely boy lonely girl age marriages in CU, the first birth occurs at an earlier age and the reproductive and fertile period remains significantly longer [ 1 ].

Likewise, a number of direct and hkan fertility determinants are potentially confounding with consanguinity, and these include but not limited to low socio-economics, religious convictions, lower contraceptive use, duration of marriage, and rural sex in rahim yar khan [ 1920 ].

Interestingly, the differences between the subjects having CU and the subjects with NCU were pronounced for male live births, but not for female live births. Ansari and Sinha [ 21 ] observed that consanguinity affected sex ratio, i. On the other hand, Rao [ 22 ] did not observe any significant effect of parental consanguinity on sex ratio. Studies on 1. Studies have suggested that social factors such as early hot women in Beloko and quickly fertile couples may play a role in raising birth sex ratios in certain societies [ 25 ].

It is worthwhile to mention that Trivers and Willard [ 26 ] proposed a theory which holds sex in rahim yar khan female mammals are able to adjust sex ratio in offspring, i. This is an interesting yag to follow arhim prospective research in RYK and neighboring populations. Nonetheless, no difference was observed in the present study in the distribution of congenital anomalies in the offspring born to consanguineous and non-consanguineous couples.

These findings are contrary to, for instance, Zlotogora [ 27 ] and many others, but are in agreement with Al-Awadi et rahjm. In conclusion, these findings need to be scrutinized more critically and independently in other populations of adjoining regions.

Further, it is worthwhile to mention that sex in rahim yar khan the assessment sex in rahim yar khan prenatal losses, we relied on the self-reported information could be an underestimate of the actual figures.

A recent study in Kashmir, Pakistan has shown that consanguinity was not associated with morbidity in the adult women [ 30 ]. This study, however, is the first report on consanguinity in one of the remote populations of Southern Punjab, Pakistan, and reveals several interesting aspects of consanguinity prevalent in this population.

The presented data would be helpful in getting an insight sex in rahim yar khan the socio-biological structure and health differentials of the RYK population.

The rate of consanguinity was significantly associated with certain socio-demographic variables like Saraiki language, illiteracy, reciprocal marriages, and parental consanguinity.

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The subjects with Wex had a significantly higher rate of fertility, mean live births, and higher number of sons per women, as compared to the non-consanguineous group.

As a prospective study, it would be worthwhile to observe the nature of congenital and hereditary malformations in younger population of RYK, and morbidities in the adult sex in rahim yar khan and their association with consanguinity. Bittles AH. Consanguinity, genetic drift, sexy chats free genetic diseases in populations with reduced sex in rahim yar khan of founders.

Berlin Heidelberg; Quantification of homozygosity in consanguineous individuals with autosomal recessive disease. Am J Hum Genet. Overall AD. The influence of the Wahlund effect on the consanguinity hypothesis: Hum Hered. Hussain R, Bittles AH. The prevalence and demographic characteristics of consanguineous marriages in Pakistan.

J Biosoc Sci. The role and significance escort shenzhen consanguinity as a demographic variable. Pop Dev Rev. Saadat M.

Consanguinity associated with child and adult mortality in 24 Asian and African countries, an ecological study.

Iran J Publ Health. Hina S, Malik S. Pattern of consanguinity and inbreeding coefficient in Sargodha district, Punjab, Pakistan. Mian A, Mushtaq R.

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Consanguinity in population of Quetta Pakistan: J Hum Ecology. Wahab A, Ahmad M. Biosocial perspectives of consanguineous marriages in rural and urban Swat, Pakistan. Jabeen N, Malik S. J Health Pop Nutr. Population Association of Pakistan. Accessed April National Institute of Population Studies.

Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey Consanguineous marriages in Pakistan. Pak Dev Rev. Consanguinity and inbreeding coefficient in tribal Pashtuns inhabiting the turbulent and war-affected territory of Bajaur Agency, North-West Pakistan.

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