It was always my intention to go straight to Mitananda H.O.F(God it took me two months before I could say that correctly) when entering Austria. It was to be the second workaway experience that I had planned. When I arrived, the whole place was covered in snow like some winter wonderland, just the clear paths that the family had kept clean.

As I prepared to meet the family for the first time I have to say I was worried to know what I would find, anyone would off have thought I was expecting people from the dark ages since they lived outside the system. I needn’t have worried they were all normal! Who’d of thought, go figure. I had only been there for perhaps 30 mins before it became more than apparent that the children right down to the youngest who was only three could speak three languages almost, if not fluently. God, I struggle with mastering my language!

Karin on a good day! (Joke)

That’s not to say the lady of the house wasn’t crazy, and she had her moments! 😉


Serious right from the get-go she was brill made me feel at home from the moment I met her. What can I say about the place, its magical doesn’t seem to do it justice? There is some peace that settles across the land even with the hustle, bustle and screams of daily family life.

The scary people.

When it came to meeting the rest of the clan, by clan I mean those with like-minded interests which they called Mitananda, at their first gardening day event, I was my usual uneasy self.

What a great group of people, so much was accomplished in one short day to the power of people the garden was given a jump start for the season and everyone laughed had fun and shared a meal together. Wow, what a truly comfortable way to live. Unburdened from the system, as much as is possible in modern day life, and only reliant on those you chose to surround yourself with.

This way of life could be close to utopia!

Tamino cooking frogs on an open stove to feed to his sister.

Over the next few months I spent my time between helping the family with what was needed, websites, organising etc. and in-between enjoying the peaceful environment and generous people I came into touch with. However, it was like the world was upside down, you know, to use a writing analogy if the sentence in the world was the week then the full-stop and space were the weekends, but, here it was the other way around. Nothing felt like hard work or indeed work, it just was!

And that’s what’s unique about it, not that you can define it but the peace that surrounds the place permeates into the very soul of you. Karin said when I first arrived some mumbo-jumbo (joke) about everything in the universe being connected and now having spent several months there I can understand that. Because, as I sit here writing this entry for the blog in a different country, I know I am and always will be connected to that particular place and those specific people Nico, Karin, Tamino, Allegra, Philomena and little Aenaes Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening up my heart to all sorts of new possibilities.

And if you don’t believe me rent one of their apartments and see for yourself!

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